第5話(第5話)「海は恋の予感(Sea Cruise)」

In the living room

Jesse: She’s driving. Well, she’s dri—She’s driving, okay… She’s driving down, dri–Drive– She’s driving. Dri–She’s dir–Maybe she’s walking.
Joey: Jesse, you gotta see this.
Jesse: Not now. I’m working on this tune about this outrageous Italian goddess…who drives a Lamborghini. What rhymes with Lamborghini?
 outrageous▶無法な; けしからぬ.ひどすぎる,法外な. rhyme▶韻を踏む,韻が合う. goddess▶(神話などの)女神
Joey: How about Cecil and Beany?
Jesse: How about, “You’re a weenie”?
Danny: Jesse, check out this serious toddling. Tracking shot. Tracking shot. Come on, Michelle.
toddling▶よちよち歩き, ちょこちょこ

Jesse: Danny, the kid’s been walking for three days. You haven’t stopped taping her. I feel sorry for her when she starts potty training.
 potty▶《口語》 (子供用の)便器,おまる.

Danny: Know what this means? My sweet little Michelle, she’s now an object-grabbing…heat-seeking instrument of destruction.

Joey: Hear this, humans. I am Robo-baby.
D.J.: Is grandma here?
Danny: Not yet. Oh look how cute you two look!
Jesse: Cute. Just what we need. More cute.
Stephanie: Grandma better get here soon. We’re very bizzzzzzzzzzzy with honeybee bizzzzzzzzzzzness.
Danny: Joey, keep taping. Girls, on the steps. I wanna ask you something. D.J., so how does it feel to be retiring as queen bee?
D.J.: Great. I’m way too old for this outfit. It’s time to pass my antenna onto the bees of the future.
Stephanie: I beeeeeeeeeeeee so happy.
Danny: Girls, do the secret honeybee hello.

D.J.: Okay, but I cannot allow this on tape.
D.J. & Stephanie: Bizzzzzzzip, bizzzzzzzzzzzzip, bizzzzzzzzah!
Stephanie: That’s Grandma. We’ve gotta buzzzzzzzzz off.
 buzz off▶立ち去る、消えうせる

Danny: Okay, come here, Michelle. Here’s the baby’s bag. And oh, yeah, here’s the baby. There you go.
D.J.: Bye!
Stephanie: Bye! See you later, boys.
Danny: Guys…there’s no children in the house. You hear what I hear?
Jesse: I don’t hear anything.
Danny: Exactly. It’s silence.
Joey: Wha–?
Danny: I can’t believe this. I have no parental responsibilities. This is great. No, that’s not true. I really miss my kids.

No, that’s not true. This is great.
Jesse: All right. Let’s party, boys. I got an idea. Let’s get some girls.
Joey: Great. There’s a Three Stooges festival downtown. You can meet some really fun girls there…and the great part is, they don’t mind if you poke them in the eye.
Danny: I don’t know about this.
Jesse: No no no. I got a better idea. I get on my Harley, you guys follow in the Country Squire. Not to close. Cruise up to Tahoe. Harrahs is having a Marilyn Monroe look-alike night.
Danny: How do you know about this?
Jesse: How do you not know about this?

Danny: Guys, we’ve never had a boys’ night out, just the three of us. Let’s go out together and just do some male bonding.
bond▶[しばしば複数形で] 結束; きずな,ちぎり,縁.

Jesse: Male bonding? Joey, you wanna bond?
Joey: All I want is a woman who, at just the right moment, goes: Woowoowoowoowoowoo Neeyah!
Danny: Guys, time-out. I can’t do this. It’s only been five months since I lost Pam.Hey, don’t let me stand in your way.「邪魔はしないよ」▶「君らの道には立たないよ」

I’ll be fine. I’ll just stay home alone. Maybe change the part in my hair. You guys go out. Have a great time.
Jesse & Joey: Never mind.
Joey: Okay, we’re available for bonding.
available▶利用できる; 入手できる,得られる.

Jesse: I’ll do whatever you want. I promise.
Danny: Great. You’re not even gonna think about women when you see what I’ve got in store for you.「僕が君らのために考えてたことを聞けば女性について考えなくなるよ」▶「僕の計画を聞いたら女の子のことはきれいさっぱり忘れられるよ」
in store▶蓄えて, 用意して.

Danny: Let’s go fishing. Neptune’s Bride sails at midnight.
Joey: Great. I’ve been dying for a place to wear this outfit.
Jesse: All right. Let’s get this wonderful, fun-filled…magical night of bonding over with.
Danny: Jesse, we’re going fishing. You look ridiculous.
ridiculous ばかげた,ばかばかしい,おかしい.

Jesse: I look ridiculous?
Joey: Gilligan’s living room. No, wait. Don’t hang up. Sorry. I’m not supposed to answer the phone. Yes, Jesse’s here. Who may I say is calling?「失礼ですが、どちら様?」

Jesse: Give me the phone!
Joey: No! Get out of town! The Roxanna? The rock star, Roxanna?
Jesse: Come on.
Joey: Jesse, how do you know Roxanna?
Jesse: All right. We had this hot and heavy thing for a while. Actually, it was kind of serious. We dated. She became a big star, went on the road…so we drifted apart. Give me the phone.
for a while 少しの間、短時間   serious 〈表情・態度など〉まじめな; 本気の,真剣な,冗談でない drift apart  (1) 〈小舟などが〉(漂流して)離れ離れになる.(2) 疎遠になる; (特に)〈男女が〉気が合わなくなる, 愛情が薄れていく.

Joey: Is this true? Your story checks out. So, Roxanna…how’s your new album?
Jesse: Joseph, you leave me no choice.「ジョーイ、覚悟はできてるんだろうな?」
leave no choice 選択の余地を残さない

Joey: Uh huh. Uh!
Jesse: Say goodbye.
Joey: Goodbye.
Jesse: Hello. Oh, sorry. That was Joey. He was raised by a family of really stupid wolves. How are you doing? I’m doing great, yeah. My music? Oh, my music’s going really well. Yeah.
Joey: That’s great. You told me you couldn’t even find a job.
Jesse: Beat it, wolf boy. You know…it’d be really nice to see you again. Tonight? Yeah, tonight would be good.
Danny: Jesse you promised.
Jesse: But actually, I can’t tonight. I’m going fish–I’m going boating. I’m going yachting actually. I’m going yachting on a boat. Yeah. Well, we’re having a big party. Neptune’s Bride. Yeah. Champagne, caviar, what have you. All right. Good. I’ll call you in the morning. Bye.
Danny: Thanks Jesse. You’re not gonna regret this.
regret  〈すでに起こったこと・過ちなどを〉後悔する,悔しがる

Jesse: Oh, why hang out with a beautiful rock star…when I can spend the evening with Thurston Hall III…and Mr. Paul, the human fish stick.
hang out 《口語》〔…で〕うろうろする, 〔…に〕出入りする 〔in, at〕.


At the Neptune’s Bride

Danny: Ahoy, mateys. There she be. Neptune’s Bride. The finest lady to sail the seven seas.
Joey: I say we mount her.
I say  [人 の注意を引いて] おい, ちょっと, あのね mount  〈馬・自転車などに〉乗る,またがる.

Jesse: That’s board her, squid head.
board   〈船・列車・飛行機・バスなどに〉乗り込む.  squid イカ 《体の細長いジンドウイカ・スミイカなど》.

Danny: Isn’t this great? A night of men doing manly things, you know, there isn’t a manlier man among men…than the old salty dog who pilots this vessel. Old Captain Jack, where you be?
among …の間に,…の中で,…に囲まれて 《★【用法】 通例三者以上の場合に用いる  vessel (通例ボートより大型の) 船

Caroline: He be retired. I’m his granddaughter, Caroline. I’ll be your captain this evening.
Jesse: Oh, yeah. Men don’t come any manlier.
Danny: Okay, so except for old Captain Caroline, it’s boy’s night out. Manly men doing masculine things.
except for… …(の点)を除いては. masculine  男らしい,力強い,勇ましい.

Roxanne: Jesse.
Jesse: Roxanna. Have mercy. Come here. What are you doing here?
Roxanne: I tracked you down. I’m going on tour tomorrow…and I just had to see you. These are my backup singers.
track down 探し出す, 捜し出す, 探しだす, 捜しだす, さがし出す, 追い詰める, 追いつめる

Yvonne: I’m Yvonne
Vega: I’m Vega.
Joey: I’m happy.
Roxanne: Jesse, this isn’t a yacht.
Jesse: Oh, yeah. You’re telling me. Last time I ever rent a yacht from a guy named Ice Pick.
Yvonne: So what? There’s not a party?
Danny: We’re here to fish. There’s no party.
Joey: There is now.
Jesse: Yeah! Come on. All right, that’s Joey. This is Danny. Which one’s Yvonne? Which one’s Vega?

On the boat

Caroline: Thanks for helping me with the anchor, Danny.
Danny: Caroline, I live for this stuff.  Well, take a look at me. Did I forget anything?
live for… …が何よりも大事である.

Caroline: You could be the centerfold for Field & Stream.「釣り雑誌のモデルになれそう」
centerfold  (雑誌などの)中央見開きページ.

Danny: Excuse me, girls. Boys, it’s time for fishing.
Jesse: Oh, boy, am I a happy camper.
happy camper とても幸せな[ハッピーな・機嫌の良い]人、満足に暮している人

Danny: Okay, Jesse. What do you want?
Jesse: I don’t care.
Danny: You want the Daiwa lightweight graphite Superflex…or the Shimano Triton SpeedMaster?
Jesse: I really don’t care.
Danny: How could you not care? The Daiwa has a 40-pound test and the Shimano has 50.
Jesse: I don’t care. Give me the Daiwa.
Danny: The Daiwa. In these waters, bad choice.「このポイントで?まずいなぁ」
It’s up to you→「あなた次第です」
Either (one) is fine→「どちらでもいい」
waters 水域,ウォーターズ,海域,羊水

Jesse: I don’t care. Give me a worm and some dental floss.「早くハリとミミズをくれよ」
dental floss 糸ようじ,デンタルフロス 《歯間の汚物を除去するためのろうを塗った強い糸》.

Joey: I’ll take the Shimano.
Jesse: The hell you will. No way I’m getting stuck in these waters with a Daiwa. Look at this, I got the Shimano.
Roxanne: The Shimano? In waters like this?
Jesse: Look at that. Full moon.
Roxanne: There was a full moon the last night we were together. You remember Big Sur?
Jesse: I remember we rented that cabin and went crazy in every little room.
Roxanne: Yeah, then we went down to the beach and we got even crazier.
Jesse: Remember the seals were clapping for us. That’s ancient history, right?
seal 【可算名詞】 アザラシ,アシカ,オットセイ  clap 〔+目的語(+together)〕〈手を〉たたく.  ancient  【限定用法の形容詞】 昔の,往古の; 古代の.

Roxanne: Yeah, it’s all in the past.
Jesse: Just a shooting star that burns itself out.

shooting star 流星.  burn out 燃え切る.

Roxanne: Nothing but memories.
nothing but… ただ…のみ, …にほかならない.

Jesse: Yep, the magic‘s gone.
magic 魔法,魔術.魔力 《★よい意味で》; 魅力 〔of〕.

Joey & Danny: (singing) Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you.
Jesse: You guys just butchered a classic.「ムードぶち壊しなんだよ」
butcher 〈動物を〉畜殺する,屠殺する.(不手際なやりかたで)〈物事を〉台なしにする.

Yvonne: Yoo-hoo, champagne’s gone. Now what?
Joey: Well, ladies, how about a ménage a fish.
menage 【可算名詞】 家庭,世帯.

Vega: We’d need a lot more champagne.
Joey: You gotta admit, it is kind of sexy out here. All the rolling and swaying, swaying and rolling. Up and down, down and up.
swaying スエイング,ローリング,左右揺れ(船舶),左右揺れ

Yvonne & Vega: Excuse us.
Joey: Yep. I know how to push all the right buttons.
Caroline: Well, we’re in a great spot here.
Danny: Oh, yeah. I’m psyched. I got my lucky pole, my lucky hat…my lucky underwear with the little sharks on it. But I digress.
Psyched up テンションあがる  underwear   肌着,下着.  digress (話・文章で)〔本題から〕わき道へそれる,本筋を離れる,枝葉にわたる 〔from〕.

Caroline: You’re kind of funny.
Danny: No.
Caroline: Yeah.
Danny: No.
Caroline: Yeah.
Danny: Okay, yeah. All right, Joey. It’s time for a fishing lesson from the master.
Joey: All right, Danny. Show me how it’s done.
Danny: The art of casting. Click back your winder, thumb on the line…cast forward with a firm flowing motion, release your thumb and let her go.
winder 巻き付け器,糸巻き.   thumb  〔+目的語(+through)〕〈ページを〉親指でめくる; 〈本の〉ページを手早くめくる. (手の)親指  firm  しっかりした.  flowing 流れる; 流れるような; すらすらと続く; 流暢(りゆうちよう)な.

Joey: Got it. Click back your winder, thumb on the line…cast forward with a firm flowing motion, release your thumb and let her go.

Jesse: Whoa, He got another one.
Roxanne: He got–
Jesse: That makes four.「これで4匹目だ」
Danny: I can’t believe I haven’t caught a thing.
Yvonne: This makes five for us.
Vega: All right. It’s a beauty.
Danny: How can this be? Look what they’re wearing. Oh great. My bait is yawning. Wake up. Wake up. Would you wake up, please?
bait  (釣り針・わなにつける)えさ.  yawn あくびをする.

Caroline: Danny, is something wrong?
Danny: Where’s the scuba gear? There’s something sinister going on down there.
gear [通例修飾語を伴って] (特定の用途に用いる)用具(一式), 道具(ひとそろい), 装備.  sinister 不吉な,縁起の悪い.

Caroline: You think the fish got together and made a group decision to avoid your hook?「魚が相談してあなたのハリは避けようと決めたっていうわけ?」
Danny: It’s the only logical explanation.
explanation 説明; 解釈; 釈明,弁解 〔of,for〕.

Jesse: This is so boring, reeling in fish after fish after fish.「こう釣れすぎるといい加減飽きるよな」
Danny: Will you shut up?「うるさい」
Roxanne: You know, I wish we could see each other more often.
Jesse: I know. The only time I see you now is on MTV.
Roxanne: I owe a lot of my success to you.
Jesse: Roxanna, you made it because you’re good. 「君が実力があったから 成功したんだ」Remember the first song you sang with my band?
Roxanne: Oh yeah.
Jesse: And the dance?
Roxanne: How can I forget?「忘れっこないわ」
Jesse: Know what tune? Do it.
Roxanne: (singing) He rocks in the treetop all day long, hoppin’ and boppin’ and singin’ his song.
Jesse: That’s it.
Jesse & Roxanne: (singing) All the little birds on Jay Bird Street, love to hear the robin goin’ tweet tweet tweet
Roxanne: (singing) Rockin’ Robin
Yvonne & Vega: (singing) Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Jesse: Look at this!
Roxanne: (singing) Rockin’ Robin
Jesse: Fellas?
Joey & Danny: (singing) Tweet, twittley-deet
Jesse & Roxanne: (singing) Blow rockin’ robin, cause we’re really gonna rock tonight!
Jesse: This is good. Let’s do some choreography.
choreography (バレエなどの)舞踊術[法]; 振りつけ.

Women: (singing) Every little swallow, every chickadee,
Danny: (singing) Every little bird in the tall oak tree.
Roxanne: (singing) The wise old owl
Jesse & Roxanne: (singing) The big black crow, flappin’ their wings singin’
Danny & Joey: (singing) ‘Go bird, go’
Roxanne: (singing) Rockin’ robin
Women: (singing) Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Men: (singing) Rockin’ robin. Tweet, twittly-deet
Women: (singing) Blow rockin’ robin, ‘cause we’re really gonna rock tonight.
Men: (singing) Tweet
All: (singing) Twittly-deet.
Jesse: Yeah!
Danny: Wow, that was almost fun. Whoa! Whoa! Wo…WHOA!
Joey: I’m coming, beanie boy.
beanie  ビーニー帽

Jesse: Hold on.

In the kitchen

Joey: Anybody else want some more of my halibut…my albacore, my swordfish…
halibut オヒョウ 《北洋産の大カレイ》.

Danny: Shut up.
Jesse: You’re just cranky because you got pulled overboard by a Mischalin Radial.「タイヤで引き上げられたんでカリカリしてるんでしょ」
cranky  《主に米国で用いられる》 気難しい.

Danny: Hey, that tire had an incredible will to live.「タイヤの方が君らより頼りになるからね」
Yvonne: Hey, Roxanna, we’ll meet you back at the hotel
Vega: Yeah, thanks for breakfast, guys.
Yvonne: Oh, and thanks for the Pepto-Bismol.
Joey: I know my antacids.(制酸剤)
Vega: You know, Joey, being with you actually bordered on fun.
bordered on 質、または性格において近づく、集まる、またはより近づく

Joey: Yeah. I hear that a lot.「あぁ、よくそう言われる」
Yvonne: You know, Joy, we’ve met a lot of men. And…well, now we’ve met you.
Vega: Bye-bye.
Joey: Bye.
Jesse: Seems like we’re always saying goodbye, huh?
Roxanne: I hate it. Jesse, come on the road with me.
Jesse: And join the band?
Roxanne: Well no. We’re an all-girl group…and you are definitely not a girl.
definitely  明確に,はっきりと; 確実に.

Jesse: Then why would I go on the road with you?
Roxanne: Just to be with me?
Jesse: Do what? Carry your bags for you? Tune your guitar? Is that what you want?
Roxanne: No. Jesse, it’s not like that at all…
Jesse: What? Think I’ve got nothing better to do than follow you? Around like… like a little puppy dog or something?
Roxanne: No.

At the counter

Caroline: You know, I really had a great time.
Danny: So did I.
Caroline: How about I make you dinner?
Danny: Dinner?
Caroline: You know, food you eat when it gets dark?
Danny: No dinner.
Caroline: How about lunch?
Danny: No. No lunch, no food.
Caroline: Liquid protein?「栄養ドリンクは?」
Danny: Look Caroline…I’m really sorry…but I think this whole thing was just kind of a big mistake. You… you really shouldn’t be here right now…because you really should be somewhere else. Let me walk you to the door, okay?

In the living room
Roxanne: Jesse, you’re overreacting.
overreacting 〔…に〕過剰反応する 〔to〕.

Jesse: No, I’m not. I’m not overreacting. Come on, let’s go. This is not going to work out. Go.
Roxanne: Jesse, please!
Jesse: Get in your limousine. It’s all right!
limousine 旅客送迎用空港バス

Joey: All right, everybody Freeze! I need to see Jesse and Danny in the kitchen right now!
Jesse: Joey, I’m in the middle of something!
middle of 真っ最中, 真最中, 真っ盛り, 真盛り

Joey: Humor me. Girls, please don’t leave. Caroline, you like fish. Roxanna, you like music. Talk about Muddy Waters.
Humor me 「お願いだから」「頼むから」「いいからやってよ」

In the kitchen

Jesse: Joey, what is your problem?
Joey: You guys are crazy! You had a nice time with Caroline, you had a nice time with Roxanna. What’s the story here?
What’s the story▶「どんな感じ?」「どうなった?」

Danny: Caroline and I are none of your business.
none of your business 関係ないだろ

Jesse: Right, neither are Roxanna and I. Thanks Joey.
Joey: Jesse. Your attitude wouldn’t have anything to do with her success?
Jesse: No. I don’t know. All right, I do know. I mean, I put her band together, me! I put the band together, she’s a big star! I put my band together, we’re playing dives! I promised myself, by the time I was 24, I’m gonna have a record deal! I’m 24 and a half. When’s it gonna be my turn?
by the time 時までに;頃に

Joey: Hey, I know how that feels. It’s like when I see ALF, I go nuts. I’m doing my standup in little nightclubs…and a carpet sample has a series. But, you know, if we hang in there…we’re gonna make it. Danny, why are you so upset with Caroline?
go nuts 激怒する;興奮する  standup  演技よりおしゃべりが主の .hang in (there) 《米口語》 がんばる, 持ちこたえる.  make it  《口語》 うまくやり遂げる; 成功[出世]する.  upset 〔…のことを〕心配する,気にする.ひっくり返して〈中身を〉こぼす[散乱させる].

Danny: Because she wanted to make me dinner.
Joey: The real problem is you like her.
Danny: Okay, I do like her. And it scares me. Ever since Pam…everything is just so hard, so confusing.
scare 怖がらせる,おびえさせる  ever since その後ずっと, それ以来

Joey: I know how tough this has been on you. That’s how life is. It’s a struggle. What helps you get you through the tough times are the people by your side. So when people like Roxanna and Caroline come along…why push them away because you’re frustrated with your career…and because you’re not ready to date yet? You’re throwing away what could be great friendships.
tough 不愉快な,つらい,あいにくの. That’s how それが~   come along やってくる; 〔…と〕一緒に来る, ついて行く, 同行する   push away  押して外へ出すさま  ready to いつでも~できる、すぐに~できる

Jesse: Is this the same guy who spends hours perfecting underarm noises? 「俺が夜中にいびきをかく男と同じやつか?」Where’s this coming from?
Joey: From my heart. I did have some help with the words. It’s what Scooby-Doo told Scrappy-Doo last Saturday morning.
Danny: Thanks, Joey.
Jesse: Come here, you big goof.

Danny: All right. We got in some male bonding after all. Will you guys excuse me for a moment? Caroline, could I talk to you, please?
excuse 〈人・人の行為・態度などを〉許す,勘弁する.

Caroline: Hi.
Danny: Hi. Look, I’m really sorry I flipped out. It’s just that… Well, you know about my wife. And I’m just not ready for this yet. I really do like you. Do you think maybe…you and I could, like, just be friends?
flip out 気が変になる、気が狂う

Caroline: I think that would be great.

In the living room

Jesse: Roxanna, I guess what I’m trying to say is…maybe I was acting a little bit… What’s the word I’m looking for? Insanely jealous.
insanely 極めて

Roxanne: Jesse, your time’s gonna come. You’re too good.
Jesse: You know I can’t go with you.
Roxanne: I know. I just want us to be together.
Jesse: Well, maybe someday we will be. But in the meantime…you’ve gotta realize a guy like me…I gotta be freewheeling. I gotta be riding on the wind. I gotta be living on the edge.
in the meantime (2 つのことが起こる)その間に, それまでは. freewheeling 自由奔放に動きまわる[ふるまう].

D.J.: Hi, Uncle Jesse.
Stephanie: Will you help me off with my stinger?
stinger 刺す動物[植物].(刺す動物の)針; (植物の)刺毛.

Jesse: Sure, kid. Well…I’m living on the edge of cuteness.