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So , Kimmy, we gotta be the first ones in class tomorrow to get seats in the back row.



Because it’s the best place to pass notes.


I love the way your mind works.


This outfit is all wrong.


※outfit▶(特定の目的のための)服装ひとそろい wrong▶間違っている

Tomorrow’s the first day of kindergarten and I have nothing to wear.



Well, they’re me, but they’re the preschool me.



I’ll sit anywhere you want as long as it’s not near Arthur Wilcox.


※as long as ▶~さえすれば anywhere▶どこにでも,どこへでも

So am I. What if I walk into class wearing a goofy outfit and everyone says


▶So am I▶私も goofy▶まぬけな,とんまな. What if▶もし、仮に

I’m dead meat.


※I’m dead meat:もうお手上げだ (dead meat:マヌケ、完全にダメな)

She said you were supposed to be home a half-hour ago.


※suppose [他動詞]▶【叙述的用法の形容詞】 〈…する〉ことになっていて 〈to do〉.

参考URL http://oshiete.goo.ne.jp/qa/3891498.html


That’s the third time today, She’s gonna kill me.


※the third time▶3回目

Don’t panic.Just set your watch back a half-hour.


※set back▶戻す

And what do you bench?


If we missed anything stupid would you start all over?


※start over▶最初からやり直す

Joey will do something just as stupid tomorrow.


How about a joke?


※How about. . .?▶~はいかかですか

Will you look at one more out fit?


※will you …▶…してくれる?

I got a date with dancer, but not till midnight.


※get a date▶デートする

For your information, Joseph, I happen to be dating a ballerina.


※For your information ▶ご参考までに   happen [chance] to do▶ふと…する, 期せずして…する, たまたま…する

This could be the big break I’ve been waiting for,Jess.


※break▶機会,運; (特に)幸運.

See, you’re talking about that magical moment when you know what you wanna do with your life. It happened to me when I was 6.



It’s obvious. I really am intruding.


※obvious▶明らかな intruding▶侵入する

Hey, if you can’t have fun with your little sister, then what’s the point in having one?


Oh, darn.


Give it kind of a… Like that. And in a hacking cough.


※kind of▶やや、もう少し hack cough ▶咳き込む

Come on, Steph, spill your guts. Why don’t you wanna ro to school?


※spill one’s guts▶《口語》 すべてをぶちまける

But darn entertaining.


※darn entertaining▶くそ面白い

I don’t wanna brag 

brag ▶自慢する

One who has a better lookout on life.



This is like the lollipop they give before the big shot, isn’t it?



What’s shaking?


I was on my way to work,and since happen to be a part-time exterminator… I thought I’d make sure there are no pests, bugs, or varmints in your classroom.


※exterminator▶害虫駆除業者 pest▶害虫  bug▶虫  varmint▶害鳥

It’s either a dog with no head or an ashtray.


※[肯定文で] (二者のうちの)どちらかの一方の,どちらの…でも.
Sit on either side. どちら側にでも着席なさい.
[否定文で] (二者のうちの)どちらの…も.
I don’t know either boy. どちらの少年も知らない 《★【変換】 I know neither boy. と書き換え可能》.
[疑問・条件文で] (二者のうちの)どちらかの….
Did you see either boy? どちらかの少年に会ったか.

What’s the matter, no pals yet?


※what’s the matter▶どうした

Can’t believe that milk scam didn’t work.



Okay, that’s only one fire-sure way to make friends.


I don’t wanna jump to conclusions…but it appears that what we have is my daughter ditching school

throwing away her future, basically becoming a juvenile delinquent.



※conclusions▶結論 jump conclusion▶結論を急ぐ ditching school▶学校をサボる basically▶基本的に juvenile delinquent▶少年犯罪

In a nutshell, yes.


※in a nutshell ▶一言で言えば

And worst of all, they split me and Kimmy up.


※split up▶別々になる

They’re worse yhan eggheads. They’re omelet-heads.


Where did I hear that?


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